In regards to mt agent Jessica Durphy. She is a very pleasant girl. She explained everything clearly so I could understand. Her personality is wonderful. I’m so glad I was told to call her about a new supplement.”  

M Rounsville     Bradford, Pa  


“Yesterday I finalized signing up for my medicare parts A, B and D with Jessica Durphy. I was very pleased with her help. She listened to mt needs and came up with plans that suited me to a T. Her pleasant and competent attitude made a process that I was dreading totally painless.”  

A Stultz          Bradford, Pa  



Jessica was very supportive and helpful in helping me find health coverage at an affordable monthly cost. I would recommend her to anyone in need of health insurance to supplement medicare.”  

M Frantz        Bradford, Pa


Jessica was very professional, provided detailed information on supplemental insurance. She is very kind & helpful in helping me make my decision to go with the New Era Ins. I liked her very much.”  

-K Franco             Bradford,Pa  



“Being new to the area we did not have a local insurance agent that could advise us on our Medicare Supplemental and prescription insurance options. We contacted four different insurance agencies/agents for assistance in choosing the proper insurance as we were both turning 65. After consulting with each agent, we chose Jessica Durphy as our agent of choice as she was not only patient, prompt and courteous but she portrayed the best knowledge to provide us with all the tools to make a well informed decision. She took the time to ensure that we understood all our insurance options and helped us make the right decision to meet our needs. We are very pleased with Jessica and would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone. Her willingness to work with her clients shows a true spirit of professionalism. It is clear that she has the dedication to provide quality service to each of her clients to ensure that they are obtaining the right insurance to meet their needs. Thanks Jessica, we feel we got the right advice and the best service. We are looking forward to working with you in the future for all our insurance needs.”

Robert & Stella Filer  Smethport, Pa



Jessica was very helpful to me when I inquired about another plan that would save me money on my premiums. When I called she responded right away and even came to the house through a snow storm. I highly recommend talking with her.”  

-F Hoard          Russell,Pa  


Jessica was very helpful and informative to me. Helping decide which medicare insurance plan to go with. She is very down to earth and easy to talk with.”  

J Brown        Bradford, Pa  




“I am thoroughly satisfied with all the help Jessica gave me when trying to choose a medicare supplement that fit my needs. She took me step by step in explaining medicare and the purpose of the supplement. She is an expert in her field of life and health/medicare Insurance. And I would recommend her to everyone about to receive medicare. Thank you Jessica“

Cynthia Lindquist   Bradford, Pa


Even though I have done my research on Medicare Supplemental insurance, Jessica was able to show me the pros and cons of different plans out there. She was personable and easy to talk to, she made me feel comfortable and not a bit pushed into any certain plan. Jessica helped me in every possible way that she could. She was prompt in returning calls and answering questions. I would recommend Jessica to anyone I know who is reaching the Medicare age. One thing I learned about Jessica in the past month that I have known her and that is that she is HONEST and up front with you. She will do her best to steer you in the right direction every time.”  

J Carr         Bradford, Pa  




Jessica was very helpful in helping us decide on changing our insurance and giving us the best advice and explaining the different plans the would suit our needs, She is a very pleasant young lady and we simply enjoyed her very much and felt she was honest in her explanations of everything. We would recommend her to anyone who is interested in a supplemental insurance.”   

-E & D Covert       Smethport, Pa  


 I am writing this letter to state how helpful and understanding Jessica was in directing my wife and me in purchasing life insurance. She was able to simply explain the difference between whole life and term insurance. Jessica was very patient and kind with us. We went in with many questions, not being very famaliar with life insurance terminology. She was the first life insurance agent to thoroughly and simply explain the difference between the two types of policies. Jessica was able to give us several price quotes and show us how premiums increased as we aged. She showed us how expensive our current term policy would be when we reached age 70 and advised us to purchase a whole life policy while we are in our fifties. This way we could lock in an affordable fixed monthly rate for the rest of our lives. Thank You”

Robert Gonzalez  Bradford, Pa


Jessica, It was a pleasure doing business with you. You seemed very efficient and knew what you were talking about. You were very courteous and explained everything to us. Thanks  

J E Heasley                            Bradford, Pa  



Jessica was very helpful and informative to me. helping decide which medicare insurance plan to go with. She is very down to earth and easy to talk with”  


-J Brown             Bradford, Pa  





“I am so pleased with the friendly & caring service of Jessica. I was considering another company until I talked to Jessica and she is just terrific. The most pleasant person I have met in a long, long time. She explains everything so very plainly. I am so glad my husband saw her ad in the newspaper. She has a wonderful personality.”  

– J & B Pierotti             Bradford, Pa   



Jessica is very knowledgable about all topics concerning medicare. After leaving her office, I felt that I had a much greater understanding of all the complex and confusing plans. She did all the paperwork and also made some follow up phone calls. I am very pleased That I chose her. So much so that I sent my mother to see her for her insurance needs.”

  R. Laird   Bradford, Pa


Jessica, It would be an honor to let people know how helpful,caring and kind you were to me. You doing all the paperwork made it easy for me. All I did was sign my name. I would highly recommend you to anyone wanting healthcare insurance. Thank you again.”

F. Mackey  Bradford, Pa



“The day Jessica came to my house she was pleasant, caring and spent time explaining all the details of the insurance. Always willing to go over what I didn’t understand. With her guidance I was able to save money also.”

P. Starr    Port Allegany, Pa   





I am very happy with the service I received from Jessica. She is so knowledgable and so personable that is was a pleasure working with her. Without her expertise I would still be paying more for less coverage. I have recommended her service to several of my friends and family members. She is a blessing to me.”

C. Thomas   Bradford, Pa  




“I have been a customer of the Williams Agency for many years. Most recently, I was interested in opening a Roth IRA, Which I knew very little about. I met with Jessica on a couple of occasions during the process. I felt she went “over and above” to make sure I understood everything and I trusted her completely. She is a patient, caring person who is not only friendly, but knowledgable. She takes great care in helping her customers. I would recommend Jessica to anyone interested in learning more about annuities, life insurance or Medicare.  You won’t be dissappointed.”

T Hilmes   Lewis Run, Pa


I met Jessica at the senior expo 2 years ago in Kane. She saved me money on my medicare supplement insurance. She explained everything, took her time with no pressure. I love her dearly, a wonderful, honest person. You are fortunate to have her.”

C Carson   Kane, Pa



When I went to the senior expo before I turned 65 I met Jessica. I was very impressed with her. I kept her card for over a year. I checked on other insurance also. Jessica was the one I felt comfortable with from the beginning. I also felt she was just not trying to sell insurance. When I need help she’s always there.”

S. Baker   Roulette, Pa




My Supplement to Medicare insurance was costing me three months of my social security per year. I contacted Williams Insurance and Jessica got me the same coverage for about half what I was paying. She also helped me obtain Part D prescription plan at a much lower rate. I would highly recommend Williams Agency and Jessica Durphy to anyone for good service.”

Geraldine Crooks   Bradford, Pa


“I’ve been a customer at the Williams Agency for a few years now. Great Place! Everyone is always friendly. When I needed life insurance Dan referred me to Jessica. With my first meeting I knew I would like her. She always has a big smile and always friendly, even when she is outside the office. Just a pleasure to knwo her. Would definetly refer her to everyone.”  

Carol Moore   Cyclone,Pa



Jessica was down to earth and very easy to talk to. She truly has her clients best interests at heart and I look forward to doing business with her”      Brenda Walker   Wilcox,Pa     




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