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Losing your PA Medicare Advantage Coverage??

Saturday, December 5th, 2009

senior pffs

Many Seniors are losing their PFFS (Private Fee For Service) Medicare Advantage Plans. A PFFS, just simply means that the doctors will have to accept Medicare’s terms and conditions of payment. There are lots of agents that have sold these types of plans in Pennsylvania, but several of the companies are terminating these types of Medicare Advantage plans, which means you HAVE to get another plan!

Although this may be a terrible inconvenience to you, there is a beauty in it as well. You have the option to get into ANY plan you want to without having to answer Health questions!!! The actual term for this is “Guaranteed Issue!” 

If you perhaps find yourself in this situation, give me a call and I’d be very happy to meet with you and go over the different options that will fit your needs and budget!

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