Annual Enrollment Period for medicare supplemental insurance…Nov.15 – Dec. 31

November 15 -December 31, this time frame is called the Annual enrollment period. What that basically means, is that during this time you are able to switch any of your PA medicare plans with no or very little health questions.  

We are having a great success helping Seniors make well informed decisions, and getting into plans that are literally going to save them hundreds of dollars a year. Yet on the other hand, there are some Seniors  who aren’t covered like they really need to be, and I have been able to get them into plans that will give them exactly the coverage they are looking for!

We sell a wide variety of PA Medicare Supplements and Medicare Advantages, and Preciription Drug Plans, so I’m pretty confident that we will have something that will fit all of your needs at the right price.  Just give me a quick call and I’ll help in any way that I can.  (814)368-6980 and ask for Jessica!

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