Understanding The A, B, C’s Of Pennsylvania Medicare Supplement Insuran

As soon as I understood the different categories of Pennsylvania Medicare supplement insurance, finding the right policy was easy. The state of Pennsylvania helps its residents find ways to reduce health costs by insisting every company offer plan A and plan B insurance. Insurance coverage plans C through J are not offered by every insurance provider. By matching this valuable supplement to each individual’s need, people get the health care they need at a price they can afford.

Plan A

Plan A is basic Pennsylvania Medigap insurance coverage. This coverage pays hospitals $248 a day from the 61st day through the 90 day and $496 a day starting on the 91st day for a specified time. In addition, it covers the first 3 pints of blood, hospice care and some medical expenses.

Plan B

Like plan A, plan B. includes 100% Medicare part B coinsurance plus covers part a deductible. This is a substantial savings, as Medicare requires the patient to pay $992 during the first 60 days of a hospital stay and the first $131 of approved medical expenses. Both of these plans are fundamental coverage with affordable premiums.

Plans C Through J

Insurance companies get to pick which of these Pennsylvania Medigap plans they offer. By carefully comparing the different coverages and premiums, anyone can match a program to their health requirements. I like Pennsylvania Medicare part d coverage. This policy includes basic coverage and Medicare part a deductible. Having coinsurance for a skilled nursing facility is a required provision at my advanced age, any accident or hospital stay requires extensive recuperation. This plan also has foreign travel emergency protection allowing me to enjoy frequent Canadian adventures without health worries.

Before I discovered the various programs and found a competent insurance agent to explain them to me, I was baffled by all the advertisements on television, radio and in the newspapers. Finally, a caring agent took the time to explain how to find the right program. This agent asked questions about our health and any serious problems we had. Because I am diabetic, medical procedures, cuts, burns or breaks take a long time to heal. The insurance man said it was mandatory for our peace of mind that my wife and I carry insurance for skilled nursing or rehabilitation centers. After all, we cannot afford to pay this cost ourselves. This caring gentleman also asked if we had any other Pennsylvania Medicare supplemental insurance as he said he was required by law to make sure we did not carry duplicate policies.

The different Pennsylvania Medicare supplement insurance plans are easy to understand and compare when someone takes the time to explain what is covered and the cost. Plan A is the cheapest, plan B provides a little more protection and plans C through j allows people to customize this valuable pennsylvania insurance to their needs. The only way I found to get the right Pennsylvania Medicare supplement insurance plan is to analyze our health requirements and then find a policy to cover those issues.

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