What You Should Know When You Are Buying Pennsylvania Medicare Supplement Insurance

When started researching Pennsylvania Medicare supplement insurance, I was overwhelmed by all of insurance plans provided by various health insurance providers.  If you are approaching retirement, I strongly recommend you start comparing Pennsylvania Medigap plans early.  When you do your homework, you can make an informed decision and get peace of mind in knowing you have the right supplemental coverage.  If you fail to do your homework as I did, you may end up investing in less than adequate Pennsylvania Medigap insurance coverage.  Do not assume you are fully covered by Medicare and understand how Pennsylvania Medicare supplement insurance plans will cover all of your medical needs.


Do Not Be Fooled, All Gap Insurance Plans are Regulated By the Federal Government


Health insurance companies will pressure you to buy the most expensive Pennsylvania Medicare supplemental insurance plan.  Sales agents pressure you with scare tactics of what may happen to your home, your family, and your life, if you buy the wrong supplement plan.  When I first signed up for my Pennsylvania Medicare supplement insurance, the insurance agent I dealt with successfully pressured me into purchase the most expensive plan available.  This plan is referred to as Medigap Plan N.  In order to qualify for Medigap N, purchasing Medigap A and B was a requirement.  I also had to invest in Pennsylvania Medicare Part D coverage separately if I wanted any coverage for prescription drugs.  After I ended up selecting all of the plans I needed, I quickly realized I was spending a small fortune on my supplemental Medicare insurance.


This is when I started researching what plans are best.  Yes, I admit, I should have done my homework before I signed up for my plan.  However, doing my homework later was certainly better than paying without a second thought.  When I started to doing my research, I discovered that the Federal Government regulates all gap plans.  While not all insurance companies offer all 12 gap plans, each company that does must offer the same benefits.  This enticed me to contact another insurance agent with the reputation of informing their clients and not pressuring them.


An Honest Insurance Agent Will Sell You the Right Pennsylvania Medicare Supplement Insurance


Evaluating what policies meets your needs and your budget, is the most important thing you can do.  Make sure to locate insurance agents in your area that are experienced in Medigap insurance.  When I sat down with my city’s most prided insurance agent, I found out that the plan I invested in gave me great benefits at a cost.  I informed my agent of my budget and my budget worked up a comparison chart to show my how much I could get for my money. 


The process of switching Medicare supplement insurance plans can be frustrating.  Sit down with an agent who will recommend the best policy to suit your needs.  When you invest in insurance, agents should think about your needs and not their commissions.  Customize your Pennsylvania Medicare supplement insurance make careful considerations before you choose one.

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