Why I Decided To Supplement My Medicare Coverage

I recently had my sixty-fifth birthday and enrolled in Medicare, but I realized that it would not pay for all of my medical bills so I also started looking for Pennsylvania Medicare supplement insurance. I wanted coverage that would take care of me the way that I wanted to be taken care of. It simply seemed that there were too many doctors in my town who did not accept Medicare. Not even my long-time trusted family doctor accepted that sort of coverage. I asked his office manager what she would advise, and she told me to look at some Pennsylvania Medicare supplement insurance plans. A good plan, she explained, would allow me to keep visiting their office with little to no out of pocket expenses.


In addition to worrying about which doctor I got to visit, I also had other issues weighing heavily on my mind. I had read in a recent New York Times editorial that Medicare was running out of money. The columnist claimed that it was responsible for spending billions of dollars each year on the elderly and the chronically ill. I knew that there was no way that Medicare could keep up with these payments so I looked at Pennsylvania Medicare supplement insurance plans to give me additional peace of mind. However, once I started researching my options, I learned several things about Pennsylvania Medicare supplemental insurance.


I learned that Pennsylvania Medigap insurance coverage was heavily regulated by the state and federal governments. It did not offer what I had expected from a private insurer, but it offered a lot of benefits that I decided would be worthwhile. It would help me quite a bit now that my income was a little lower. Most Pennsylvania Medigap plans would cost the same amount of money regardless of my age. These plans would not allow me to see whichever doctor I wanted to, but they would help me in other ways. This coverage would pay for the co-pays that Medicare did not cover. It would not pay for long term care in the nursing home or hospital, but it would help me financially along the way. However, these plans did not seem to offer anything to help pay for the prescription drugs that I needed. I did not want to take hundreds of pills a day, but I needed a couple of prescriptions. For instance, I was on a small steroid to help with my arthritis. Without that drug, I would be in pain for most of the day.


Then, I found Pennsylvania Medicare part d coverage. This coverage would help pay for the cost of my prescription drugs. Depending upon which drug I was buying, it would offset anywhere from thirty to fifty percent of my out of pocket costs. I was more comfortable saving that money than spending it, and I really liked the flexibility that I got when I opted to add this additional coverage to my current government insurance plan. All of the research that I did on Pennsylvania Medicare supplement insurance helped me to realize where the holes in the Medicare coverage are, and I realized how helpful it is to add additional policies.

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